Sam is an experienced and respected clinician with a deep passion for women’s health and has a way of looking at the world that is compassionate, mindful, curious, and respectful.

Currently a student of Hakomi; body-centred, somatic psychotherapy, Sam believes that our bodies reflect the many levels of our inner reality. Our posture and shape, our facial expressions, our style of moving and being, even our voices, reflect our emotions, beliefs, and inner experience.

Sam is a member of the New Zealand Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists (NZAMH), the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalist (NZAMH); the body that sets and manages the standards of practice for Naturopathy and Herbal medicine in New Zealand.  Sam is also a member of the National Council of Woman of New Zealand (NCWNZ).

Sam has completed advanced training in the treatment and management of: autism, ADHD, crohns disease. ulcerative colitis and menopause.  Sam has a passion working in mental health and adopts breathwork and somatic mindfulness in practice to uncover the root cause of mental and emotional conflict that impacts health.  Sam has undergone breathwork training, a technique using conscious connected breathing that adopts ancient breathing practices to promote good health. Her qualifications include Master’s Degree in Health Science, PGHlthSci, BHSc (Complementary Medicine) and DipClinHerbMed.

Sam regularly presents to the corporate sector, has lectured at the University of Canterbury and is regularly contacted to present the latest research to her profession both in New Zealand and overseas.