You do not need to put up with debilitating symptoms that affect your daily life, work and relationships. I offer holistic advice, support and treatments tailored to meet your needs across a wide field of naturopathic, herbal, and mindful somatic psychotherapy philosophies.


Naturopathy is a safe, effective, patient centred form of therapy practised widely throughout the world. Naturopathy is a holistic health care system,  considering all twelve body systems whilst investigating the underlying causes of illness and disease. All aspects of the persons’ being are paramount when it comes to optimal health, which is why naturopathy evaluates  you and your health challenges through the lens of an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being.  

Complementary by nature, naturopathy collaborates with allied health professionals including GPs, a multitude of specialists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and acupuncturists to name a few. Naturopathy is the future for individual optimal health care.

Customised wellness plans designed to overcome and benefit your heath and lifestyle with an integrative and evidence-based approach. During an initial consultation, Sam will obtain your medical history, review or recommend laboratory testing and provide you with the outline of a health plan.


Breathwork is a general term used for various breathing techniques used to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.  As breathing patterns tend to be unconscious and disconnected, Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB), breathwork provides a transformative tool, promoting the clearance of unresolved issues, dissolving limiting, and unhealthy beliefs held from past life events.

The breath is guided to a natural, relaxed, rhythmic, flow and open state. The physical process, while simple, facilitates physiological, cognitive, and emotional responses.

Taking responsibility for one’s own happiness is an exciting option. Many find as inner perceptions change, the outer world also changes. Breathwork can engage change at a gentle pace through a creative process.  The potential to rejuvenate the mind and body learn,  experientially and release suppressed energy is a breath away. 


Somatic mindfulness creates a mind-body integration that has been previously deficient.  The therapy supports an awareness surrounding a somatic response (bodily sensations) and uses this mindfulness as a vehicle to self-understanding stored emotions and memories in the body.  During early development we create strategies to manage emotional overwhelm and dysregulation and whilst these tactics served formative years, core beliefs and protections are wired though our neural networks.  Childhood core beliefs reside in our sub-conscious, can be limiting and shape behavioural patterns that perhaps do not serve us best. 

Somatic mindfulness can re-wire our brains to create neurological pathways that better serve your future experiences, self-understanding, and self-compassion.


Laboratory Diagnostics are important to clearly understand what is causing any health issues and discover the root cause. Testing is invaluable in determining an effective treatment plan to address any imbalances in the body. We provide a comprehensive range of functional pathology testing to provide the best consultative process for the treatment and achieve optimal health results.